Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Corzine's Ex Talks and Cindy Squeals... Ouch

Here's an excerpt of what Cindy Adams has to say,

* Supposedly, Corzine went for a $125,000 (give or take a few bucks) Cartier necklace to keep Carla from attending his son's wedding in San Francisco.

* In a newspaper photo, Carla flashed a Cartier bracelet identical to one Corzine had bought Joanne before. Joanne returned hers to her husband.

* Family members have mentioned certain credit card usage.

* Although they have since broken up, he remains obsessed with pleasing Carla. Even complained that her children — not his, he never mentioned his — were suffering from the adverse publicity of their affair.

* His wife confronted him about Carla early on. He denied it, although they'd be on the phone sometimes from midnight to 2 a.m. He admitted it when confronted with telephone records.

* Joanne has said he always said he had never been unfaithful. Joanne has also said she doesn't "know what he was on."

* He's "a prime narcissist. Calculating, driven. Does and says exactly what will get him whatever he wants, then apologizes for it later big-time. Will do whatever and say whatever to get elected.

* "He surrounds himself with people he pays or needs, then on to the next. It's all about him. He'll never be satisfied."

About the huggy, kissy, fuzzy aroma he exudes it's: "He's mastered a disguise."

You're told: "When he ran for Senate if he said once more how much he loved his wife, I'd have vomited." He dumped his wife after his election.

I don't have any particular feeling for or against, one way or another, about Corzine. I don't live in New Jersey. When it comes to job-holding in Trenton, I'm an equal opportunity abuser. I don't care who wins. I'm only a journalist who cares about good information. If I had inside on Doug Forrester I'd use it — but I don't, so I can't.

Asks one observer: "Have you seen the TV commercials with Doug Forrester and his wife and their talk about family values? Well, if this is going to be about family values, voters should know about Jon Corzine. He let his wife down — and he'll let New Jersey down."

The last line is just so true.


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